And The Winner Is….

Redcurrant Blosson - Incoming
Pretty In Pink On Bermondsey Street

Apis is one year old this week. And to celebrate that anniversary, I am delighted to announce the winner of our “Name The Mystery Seedling” competition.

Two entrants got the right answer : Basil. How they managed to look at a forest of green sprue and guess correctly, I cannot say. To decide the winner, I asked John Chapple, the high priest of London beekeeping, to toss a coin. He (rather swankily we all thought) pulled out a 1-pound coin from his pocket and covered it with the palm of his hand. Nikki Vane called “Heads”. It was revealed as “Tails”, and so the proud owner of a jar of 2013 Bermondsey Street Honey is “oval”.

Well done, oval. I hope that this victory was be seen as compensation for your honourable runner-up position in 2013’s bee-haiku competition !

4 Replies to “And The Winner Is….”

    1. Nick, Wow! Thank you – your kind words have certainly blown the candle out on the Bermondsey Street Bees’ birthday cake !

  1. Yes and happy birthday from me too! Forgot to mention that on Saturday morning. Too excited about the ‘coin toss’ for competition!
    Well done to ‘oval’ for winning the jar of award winning Bermondsey Street Bees’ Honey! You will enjoy it.

  2. cheers – I needed cheering up after the 20:20 cricket yesterday. I haven’t had a taste or Bernondsey honey, so it;’ll go to a good home! nice one

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