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As I mentioned in a recent post, 2014 was “abundant and forgiving” for beekeepers. Spring came early, and summer was fine until mid-August, but by then the bees had done their work and a plentiful honey harvest was assured. We now have an apiary on the Suffolk Coast, in Orford, and will be selling this delightful rural honey alongside our consistently award-winning Bermondsey Street Honey on our stall at the heart of the Bermondsey Street Festival on 20th September 2014.

School House Honey

And we also have Bermondsey Street honeycomb for those who love honey in its most natural state – on the comb.


As always, subscribers to “Apis” are given an opportunity to purchase honey ahead of its going on general release. Here are our 2014 prices, unchanged on last year:


  • Bermondsey Street Honey                           £12.50


  • Bermondsey Street Honeycomb                £15.00


  • Suffolk Coastal Honey                                   £10.00


So why not come and visit us on our stall at the Bermondsey Street Festival on 20th September?

We will have a honeybee educational stall next to our honey stand, with a glass observation hive, so that you can meet the Bermondsey Street Bees in person (s). We will also have on sale  some jars of Bermondsey Street Chunk Honey, fine china mugs, “I’m a Bermondsey Street Honey” T-shirts, as well as natural beeswax furniture polish, honey & salt hand-scrub, honey coloured and white beeswax candles, not forgetting Sarah’s home-made Suffolk plum jam and her celebrated range of herb salts.

Quite the Bermondseyshire Farmers…. and no mistake!

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2 Replies to “Apis Subscriber Offer – Bermondsey Street Honey”

  1. Hi Dale,
    Lovely to meet you at Jensen’s on Saturday. I’ve placed your precious honey cargo in a safe spot for Hannah to find on Monday. Can you let me know the size of your honey pots! Thanks, Emma.

    1. Hi Emma, Very considerate of you to mix honey trafficking with your gin-dispensing activities. The Bermondsey Street Honey jars I sell have 250 g on the label, but the actual net honey weight is more like 320 g (isn’t it amazing that the EU labelling regulations require a space between the 320 and the g?).

      As a connoisseuse of local honey, you will appreciate that, priced somewhere between Tesco’s squeezy and TCP-flavoured Manuka, you are purchasing an intensely artisanal product. See http://www.apis.gb.com/the-best-honey-in-london-almost/ .

      There. That’s my sales patter for the stall at the Bermondsey Street Festival on 20th September all sorted out.

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