Bee-Haiku Competition Results

A tough call, but the three haikus from “so fear not fire” have pipped the honeysuckle haiku from “oval” for the top spot.

True, a purist might fault the syllable-count in the winning triptych (but let’s face it, if we were perfectionists, we wouldn’t be beekeepers!), but the imagery is charming and each haiku has exquisite balance.

So in the spirit of magnanimity the judges award, glory, great honour AND a guided tour of the Bermondsey Street Bees’ Apiary to both the winner and the runner-up of the Haiku Competition!

Haiku Result 4
Bee Haiku Runner-up – “oval”


Honeysuckle bee

on green and white, shuddering.

Drink deep, drink sweet, drink.



Bee Haiku Result
Bee-Haiku Winner – “so fear not fire”


Thank you, Sweetpea

For being so open

To my explorations


The bee and I

Do softly drowse

Amongst the meadow-sweet


Where the bee sups

There sup I, honey on toast

Tastes like sunshine

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