Bee-haiku Competition

Musing on what it might be like to be a bee in a swarm, I composed a bee-haiku:

Dale’s bee-haiku

So I thought that Apis bloggers might want to try their hand at their own bee-haikus – the winner will gain glory, great honour AND a guided tour of the Bermondsey Street Bees’ Apiary !

Just be sure to use the simple 3-line haiku format:

Line 1 : 5 syllables

Line 2: 7 syllables

Line 3: 5 syllables

All welcome – please reply to this post with your bee-haikus!  The winner will be selected on 30th June 2013.

3 Replies to “Bee-haiku Competition”

  1. So Haiku’s of different styles for you (with apologies to Shakespeare…)

    Thank you, Sweetpea
    For being so open
    To my explorations

    The bee and I
    Do softly drowse
    Amongst the meadow-sweet

    Where the bee sups
    There sup I, honey on toast
    Tastes like sunshine

    1. That’s often the way with haikus – you hang around all week waiting for one, then three come along all at once !

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