Presentation At New York City BKA
Presentation At The New York City Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping is a hands-on job: all of the senses are engaged when working with bees: touch, smell, hearing, vision and finally, most delightfully, taste. It is a truly immersive craft.

On the other hand, writing about beekeeping can never really convey the intensity and passion of the act itself. Like so many of life’s more ardent experiences, the printed page is simply not adequate. Somewhere in between beekeeping and writing about bees, Bee-Speaking can animate and inspire an audience.

I love talking about bees and beekeeping. From forage to honey spinning demonstrations, from Powerpoint slide-shows illustrating a year in the life of a beehive to advice on preparing honey to win awards, I have made presentations at Lambeth Palace, The London Honey Show, The New York City Beekeepers’ Association, Soho Farmhouse, Hiscox Insurance, Borough Belles WI, London Food Link/Sustain, Delfina Restaurant and the Leiston and District LBKA.

For enquiries about my availability to speak at your event, please e-mail: or call 07876 790 689.

I’m also happy to consider addressing bee-spoke themes for clients on request.

I hope that we will be able to meet at one of my presentations at the following times and venues:

2016 Event Venue
Friday 3rd June 12.30-2pm   Chelsea Fringe      Lambeth Palace 
Sunday 10th July 1-3pm       BOST Open Day Tate Community Garden   
Thursday 30th June 7.30pm Bee Kind & Dine Soho Farmhouse
Sunday 24th July 11.30-4pm The Hive Kew Gardens
Sunday 21st August 11.30-4pm The Hive Kew Gardens
Sunday 16th October 11am-4pm. London Honey Show Lancaster Hotel
Friday 28th October PM Worshipful Co of Gardeners RHS Vincent Sq
2017 Event Venue
Wednesday 25th January PM Ipswich & East Suffolk BKA Ipswich 1P5 1JF











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