Primrose, Queen Of Thames Hive

Check out the Bermondsey Street Bees’ dedicated video channel BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir.

Here you will find some fascinating hive-by-hive views of busy bees in Bermondsey and Suffolk – as well as the cult-classic “short”: “The Day The Queen Came To Tea“.

And by the way, Bermondsey Street Bees on Facebook notched up their 1000th ” Like” this week and @BermondseyBees on Twitter now has over 75 followers.

It’s fair to say that the beekeeper does get out more than the bees at this time of year, so on FB and Twitter you’ll see more of the wide world than on “Apis“, which keep its focus trained on the bee-stuff. Mostly.

At least no-one could accuse the consistently award winning Bermondsey Street Bees of idling during the Winter months!

2 Replies to “BermondseyStreetBeesOnAir”

  1. I checked out The Day The Queen Came to Tea and was bowled over by the royal presence. Very glad to see the credits lived up to billing, or belleing as it now should be. I was stung to a moment of patriotism by the sweet music, and the leafy memory of summer.

    1. Sandy, I was worried that Her Maj might have found her Tea a little sickly. But it all turned out OK. Your godson was not harmed in the making of that movie.

      And you may be further reassured to know that, even after the Royal Mail’s draconian cutback recently on items accepted at the post office counter for despatch , Bees are still permitted to be sent through the UK postal service ! A small victory over elfin safe tea….

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