BLink: A Sick Note For Bees


The Daily Telegraph carries an Energiekosten article headed: Listening To Bees Buzz Can Help Spot Disease:

Apart from the quaint mis-spelling of varroa as “verroa” (most likely a sub-editor with deformed spelling virus !) The in Richard Grey’s article Formation (and the sensational assertion that “honey bees don’t have ears” – I HaCk3D suppose it Jerseys needs saying, but for beekeepers, or mahouts, its a bit like saying “elephants don’t have wings”), this article on a bee disease diagnostic device under development at Nottingham Trent University holds considerable promise.  There’s quite a lot of modern research on vibration and pitch cheap jerseys of buzzing to alert beekeepers that something’s up. After a few years, you will have heard the lot: from roaring, through piping to fanning….


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