Extreme Beekeeping

On The Roof
Top Left – Extreme Beekeeping (Thanks To Florence Rowland)

Life’s never perfect, is it? Yes, the sun was shining. And indeed, the temperature was balmy. But it was blowing a storm on the Bermondsey Street Bees’ rooftop when I transplanted Neckinger Hive from a 5-frame nucleus into a full-size hive, having waited all weekend for better weather. Welcome to Extreme Beekeeping !




2 Replies to “Extreme Beekeeping”

    1. I’m on 14 x 12 frames, Emily. Not ideal conditions for beekeeping, up there sometimes, but the bees aren’t going to transplant themselves (well, not at this time of year, anyway!) and a quick, busy transfer in a high wind is preferable. Better for the bees, worse for sound recording ! Although I had secretly hoped for a “dramatic effect” in the inaudibility of some of my utterances…

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