Fading Light

Bees CloseUp
Lengthening Shadows

The sun has started slanting towards Autumn. Inspecting the comb requires a little twist of the wrist to catch that glint of light which can delve to the bottom of each wax cell. The year is moving on and it’s time to nod to the inevitable and commence preparations for the end of the season. It’s a sad capitulation, but it has been a great bee year, abundant and forgiving.

Now the honey harvest is here, which means long, secluded hours in the light-industrial zones of honey extraction, bottling and labelling. Not to mention the drudge of defending hives against wasp attacks, varroa and nosema treatments, preparing for the honey shows, stall management, invoices and accounting, feeding bees, the scrubbing and cleaning of equipment, running repairs to clothing and hives, not to mention those blustery autumnal beehive inspections between sharp showers.

All in the knowledge that what follows is the silence of the winter months, the mute separation of bee and beekeeper until the first thaws of Spring.

Hey-ho ! It’s just as well that I’m a natural optimist…

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    1. Yes, I entirely get it. Last year, I put very inexpensive Chinese temperature / moisture monitors in the hives, which was a bit like receiving postcards. – little real information, but heart-warmingly reassuring!

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