Forage Party

Leathermarket Gardens Sign
Inner City Forage

A small, but perfectly-formed, group of gardeners swooped on the wildflower and edible plantings at Leathermarket Gardens on Saturday morning, all tooled up for action, just as the icy grip of early February was lifting.

Having planted his permanent pollinator-friendly forage in the ground last year, it was imperative to clear choking weeds, grass and tap-rooted docks to let our apple-trees, herbs, wildflower strip and red and white currant bushes thrive.

So important, in fact, that we were paid a visit by the local Bermondsey bobbies-on-the-beat. “Hello, hello” and “Hello“.

Not that we were lacking the opportunity to lean on our spades from time to time. Coffee break and visits from the two-and-four-legged community of Leathermarket Gardens were welcome distractions from, as Sarah put it, having “a nice gossip, upside-down” with fork and trowel in hand. Indeed, soon we were having so much fun that it was almost like a treasure-hunt. We even found a glinting blue glass marble.

Lost Marble
Lost Marble

If anyone has lost their marbles in the vicinity of Bermondsey Street and one like to reclaim this one, please form an orderly queue.

Thanks, as ever, to the intrepid and invariably stylish Nikki,

Forage Fashion
Forage Fashion

to Maff , suitably leather-jacketed in Leathermarket Gardens,

Our Man From The Elephant

and to Sarah, uncomplaining bee-bride, spoilt for choice in her array of gardening boots

Sarah's Boots1
Sarah’s Gardening Boots

and Eddie Pug for his unwavering invigilation of our efforts

The Supervisor
The Supervisor

And we paid our respects to our old friend, the acacia tree, taken down for safety reasons by Southwark Council. in October 2014

Acacia Being Felled
Acacia Being Felled In October 2014

A memorial, with more than a hint of Bermondsey defiance, had been erected on the site. Amen.

RIP Acacia

We spruced up Leathermarket Garden’s forage a treat. And took three heaped wheel-barrows of delinquent vegetation to the skip.

Tools Of The Trade
Tools Of The Trade

Bees can’t eat kind words. Our fingernails may be dirty, but we’re off to a flying forage start to 2015.



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