Hitting The Road

Hitting The Road - "Ventura Highway".
Hitting The Road – “Ventura Highway”.

Sometimes you hear a song which makes you smile. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. “Ventura Highway” by America does that for me.

It’s almost the end of the bee-year: I’ve taken the Bermondsey Street Honey off the hives. The MAQS varroa treatment is on the hives. So while I hit the road on holiday (dodging any hot hives of “alligator lizards in the air” mentioned in the song lyric!), I just wanted to broadcast that carefree, wind-in-my-hair optimism to all you Apis apostles out there.

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    1. Yes, El, your dear Mum will be provided for. As promised, there will be an exclusive offer to Apis blog subscribers to buy honey directly. There will be also be a little surprise in our 2013 honey crop. Stay tuned!

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