Hives of Horror!

The Deadly Bees copy
“Hives Of Horror”

Thirty years on from the discovery of the first “Killer Bees” in Mexico, here’s a link to an article in Scientific American, which proposes a rehabilitation for that dreaded strain. Now those “Africanised Bees” are said to have thoroughly interbred with local bees and become decent, hard-working members of the community. Worth remembering that nothing stands still in nature.

Hat-tip to David Finlay (and no-one wears a hat more stylishly than David), for the link !

Fascinating stuff…..couldn’t help myself wondering how Craig and Leanne Knox, intrepid beekeepers in Belize, are getting on with their bees.

In fact, I’m heading off to do some bee-research of my own in Barbados, then staying with friends on Antigua. Wish me luck…


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  1. Hi Dale, will be interested to hear your ‘Bajan’ bee research. Bees on Virgin Gorda (BVI) are quite large and black, honey produced is extremely dark and thick. Have fun!

    1. Hi Nikki, Thanks! If you have a Rum Punch filter on your computer, you may want to switch it on before you read the results of my bajan bee adventures…..

    1. Hi Nick, That’s good to hear. Whenever I’m feeling a bit daunted by a beekeeping task, I think of Craig and Leanne….and then I just get on with it !

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