Honey Tasting

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Our Very Yellow Spring Breakfast Table

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we held a breakfast honey tasting in Suffolk last Sunday. Amidst a vibrant outbreak of yellow daffodils and a dish of butter, we decanted 4 of our favourite honeys: one rural summer honey, one borage honey, one Italian acacia honey and, of course, Bermondsey Street Honey. It was a solemn ceremony. To begin with, anyway.

Honey Contenders
The Honey-Tasting Contenders

Four triangular dishes were labelled A, B, C, D on their underside and the honey decanted into each one. All were tasted, noted and scored blind, with 4 points for 1st and 1 point for 4th . Take it from me that each of these top-flight honeys was delicious.

The final scores were: Bermondsey Street Honey 11; Rural summer honey 9; Italian acacia 6; borage honey 4. Tasting Notes for Bermondsey Street Honey: “luscious”, “concentrated”, “lingering”, “slight pepper”, “buzzy”, “enrobing”, “tangy”.

Pride Of Place In Our Spring Tasting

I was particularly pleased that the Bermondsey Street Honey prevailed, even though we tasted it fourth and last, since by then our palates were getting jaded. Let’s face it, if Bermondsey Street Honey, “Best Honey in London” at the National Honey Show in 2011 and Second Best in 2013, had come in stone last, there would have been one very red face around the table! Mine.

But as it was, yellow set the tone for a glorious Spring day. And it’s time to look forward to this year’s bees, rather than tasting last year’s honey.

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