Hot List : Rockett St.George

Bees Can't Eat Kind Words - Plant Forage!
Bees Can’t Eat Kind Words – Please Help By Planting Forage!

OMG! Those rather stylish people at RockettĀ St.George have featured Bermondsey Street Honey’s bee-forage campaign on their April “Hot List“.

OK, so you have to scroll down through all their other happening, elegant, desireable stuff to get to beekeeping, but it was ever thus. Take a little look and consider – why not brighten up your own surroundings with some forage-friendly flowers ?

2 Replies to “Hot List : Rockett St.George”

  1. I have told everyone I know ( well almost everyone I know) that you are going to be on R4 this Sat at 9am. The radio waves will be buzzing in every sense.

    1. Hi Sheila, That’s the plan, anyhow. You know how it is with human interest stories – but who’d dare leave on the cutting room floor the sounds of blow-torches, hot-buttered toast being spread with honey, buzzing bees and the crisp crack of the propolis seal when the first roof is lifted off ? (I hasten to add that all those sound effects were recorded separately, not simultaneously, you’ll be glad to hear)

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