Spade And Fennel Root
Spade And Bronze Fennel Root

It seems a bit mimsy to be posting about the planting of a single bronze fennel root in our Leathermarket Gardens edible planting border. The point is that it’s incremental.

Bronze Fennel Root In
Bronze Fennel Rooting In

We’re not trying to save the world – we’re just planting forage for London’s bees. And our three-year old LMG edible garden scheme, planted by volunteers, has grown, step by step. This is the way Slow Food works.

Heeling In
Heeling In The Fennel Root

The entire bronze fennel plant is edible and is said to aid digestion & libido. It’s also big in Sicilian cuisine, growing pervasively by the roadside. As believers in local forage provision for pollinators, slowly, but surely, over the last thousand days, we have added plants which provide nourishment both for local bees and our human neighbours. We’re proud to be making a difference, bit by bit.

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