Introducing Two Bermondsey Street Bees “Guest” Honeys

Our New Union and Metro Guest Honeys
Our New Union and Metro “Guest” Honeys

As fans of our award-winning Bermondsey Street Honey and our Suffolk Coastal Honey know, we sell out very quickly every year. Now, alongside the honey we make, we’re launching two curated labels, Union & Metro, on sale at our local B Street Deli

Our “guest” Honeys are: Yorkshire Heather, Yorkshire Moor, Oxfordshire Borage, Cotswold Summer and Custom House, London.

They offer our personal selection of glorious urban and country honeys from small producers who share our passion for sustainable beekeeping, healthy bees and raw honey.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Our Range Of Honeys
Our Range Of Honeys

Released in limited editions, every jar comes from a single source and is marked with its individual provenance. 

Pop into the B Street Deli to see what all the fuss is about!

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