Leathermarket Gardens : One Year On

Bee On Borage
Bee On Borage In Leathermarket Gardens

Last weekend, we witnessed a minor metrological miracle. For once, the rain held off when we went in to weed and tend our patch of fruiting trees, bushes, herbs and wildflowers in Leathermarket Gardens. Even the bees showed up to help us out.

Apple Blossom And Setting Fruit
Apple Blossom

Maintenance is important when you’ve planted for forage. Here we were, tidying up after the Leathermarket Gardens’ first anniversary, encouraging our fruit trees, currant bushes and herbs and preventing non-descript ground cover from overwhelming them.

So in went clumps of Forget-me-nots and scatterings of seeds from LMG stalwart, Nikki Vane:

Nikki On Parade
Nikki On Parade

And out went thistles and tufts of grass, as Antoinette weeded busily in the sunshine.

Antoinette At Work

 And Xander, too:

Xander : Hands-On

The bees were not slacking, either. Big pollen sacs were coming off the ceanothus. As is often the case with pollens, the colour of the flower does not match the colour of the pollen. The boisterous blue ceanothus yields a yolk-yellow pollen.

Bee On Ceanothus

It’s good to see the plants getting their feet down and fruiting copiously, now that the blossom has almost gone – a sure sign that the Bermondsey Street pollination brigade has been on the wing !

Currants, Currently

That’s what it’s all about, after all.

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