Planting for Pollinators

London’s hive density is now greater than any other city in Europe, whilst our green space continues to shrink. With both honeybees and wild pollinators in mind, Bermondsey Street Bees works with local government, charities and community groups to create sustainable planting initiatives. Locally, we have transformed neglected areas into life-enhancing green spaces that can be easily replicated elsewhere.

We use official data points to assess existing hive density and will never place new beehives in areas where there is insufficient forage to support them. We also operate a ‘Green Offset’ policy, asking our clients to offset the environmental impact of their hives either through direct planting or by funding their local greening charities. In new buildings this can also make a significant contribution to meeting BREEAM requirements (see also our Apicultural Consultancy services.)

Planting honeybee-specific forage makes an important contribution to their welfare and helps relieve pressure on wild pollinators too.  For information on how and what to plant, our co-founder Sarah’s book “Planting for Honeybees” is published in five languages by Quadrille. Available online and from all good booksellers.

You can also download a free pdf of our mini planting booklet (see below)