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“How do you know it’s real honey if you don’t know the beekeeper?”

– Dale Gibson, Founder, Bermondsey Street Bees

Our customers have made conscious decisions not to buy highly processed and blended commercial ‘honey’ of dubious origin…. Instead, they come to us for our range of raw, single-source, English honeys, which offer authenticity, provenance and exceptional flavours.

Honeybees are essential to the UK’s domestic food production. British fruit and vegetables and our meat and dairy industries all depend on bee pollination. Buying honey direct from local beekeepers supports them, supports Britain’s food economy and puts money back at grassroots to train the next generation of beekeepers.

Bermondsey Street Bees supplies raw honey and comb to a glittering array of London’s Five-Star hotels, Michelin-starred chefs and big-name bartenders. We also work with caterers, universities, small local restaurants and bars and specialist food producers, from grocers and bakers to distillers and brewers. People who understand the exceptional quality and flavours of our multi-award-winning honeys ….and the sustainable beekeeping practices that make them possible.

Our honeys are never blended, micro-filtered or pasteurised. Just like fine olive oil and wine, their individuality and seasonality is something to be explored and celebrated. Every honey varietal has its own unique terroir, flavours and story to tell.

Raw English Honeys for Chefs & Bartenders – Liquid & Comb

We maintain an exceptional list of characterful, raw English honeys, many of which have won National awards.   Some of our varietals are in plentiful supply, others are small seasonal pop-ups.

Our wholesale honeys are supplied in chef’s buckets, from our London base.  We also supply natural honeycomb to order and a honeycomb stand specifically designed for professional food service.

Please contact us for our current tasting notes, price lists or more details of our offering to food and drink professionals. We also offer training and bee experiences to our client chefs, bartenders and their teams.