Red Hot Pokers

The Heat On Tanner Street – Red Hot Pokers

Tanner Street Park is a particular favourite of mine. It is just 20 yards away from my front door. Tanner Street Park is also the epicentre of next weekend’s Bermondsey Street Festival (“The only London Street Festival where the sun ALWAYS shines“). And although it is modest by London park standards (2 1/2 acres, I guess, with 3 hard tennis courts in the middle), it occupies the site of the infamous St Olave’s Union Bermondsey workhouse (built in 1791) but is now full of Christmas roses, crocus, cherry and horse chestnut, allium, honeysuckle, clover, snowberries, ivy and, still ablaze in patches, red hot pokers (plant name: Kniphofia).

Forgive me this aside, but wherever I go I am sure to hear the remark: “There can’t be much for your bees to eat in London“. Hmmm. For the record, I only ever get irritated by that tiny minority who refer to our fine capital city as “that London“.

Back on topic – here is a delightful video from my younger son, Maff, featuring bees on Red Hot Pokers in Tanner Street Park. The colours, noise and mood are redolent of summer – and the video also provides visual evidence that Bermondsey Street Bees can walk backwards!

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    1. Well, Nikki, I hardly need remind an experienced beekeeper such as you of the rules of urban bee-keeping. But for any novices out there, here goes: if the bees swarm and sting and are a menace to the great British public, then they are somebody else’s bees. If they are charming and amaze and delight the great British public, then they are your bees (nb to all parents out there, unfortunately, the reverse applies to your children!)

    1. Acute observation, Sandy. Given that Nikki also spotted Eddie The Pug in Maff’s “Red Hot Poker” video, I am giving some thought to renaming this blog “Canis“…

      But for those of you who cannot get enough of our four-legged friends, the Holly and Lil Dog Show from 1pm-3pm in Tanner Street Park on Saturday 21st September is the lynch-pin of the Bermondsey Street Festival. The weather forecast looks good – so I’ll hope to see you all there !

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