Risk Assessment

I’ve just finished writing a 15-page Risk Assessment for an Apiary which I have set up. A tedious, but necessary, process. It was a small consolation to reflect that, in my experience, responsible beekeeping is not risky at all.

That’s not just my opinion – I can back up the claim with a simple fact: I pay just under £10 a year to insure my own hives (the cover is £10 million Public Liability and £2 million Professional Indemnity).

I purchase this policy through my membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA). A quick sum tells me that, if the Insurers ever had to cough up that £12 million combined liability, it would take them over half a century of collecting that £10 annual premium from each of the 24,000 amateur beekeeper members of the BBKA (and the 3 billion honey bees they care for) just to get their money back.streaming Split 2017

In the real world of insurance, at least, beekeeping is a reassuringly low-risk activity.

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