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Swarm July 2014 (2)
Swarm On Sawn Branch, About To Be Hived

Terror is terror. Abrupt and intense. Suddenly shunted into your face, indifferent to your rapt fear.

Swarm Flying – School House

Like a swarm of bees, ancient and implacable: 20,000 spirographing projectiles ripping the air, weaponed with venom.

But the ancestral adrenalin reflex is awry. The reality is that a bee-swarm is about as menacing to human beings as a maypole dance.

It is simply the way bees reproduce; orthodox and customary. It’s a ceremonial procession, with the venerable Queen abdicating skywards with her followers, leaving a clutch of heirs to usurp her in the hive. It’s nothing more than a flash-mob choreography on a grand scale, an impromptu insect threnody.

Slowly, this soft shrapnel of bees implodes to cluster on a branch, whirring together to weave a taut bivouac. From this insect pelt, scout bees adventure out to locate a new home, where their cargo of honey will be turned to wax, hexing new comb out of thin air.

Swarm – School House – July 2014

This is the time for me, ladder and saw in hand, bee-suited, to grip and cut the branch. I remove the swarm, adhesive and uncomplaining, down the ladder, along the lane and back to my bee-yard. I raise the roof of their new residence, steady the bees and rap the branch on the hive. A split-second waterfall of bees sloshes into the brood box. Hived!

Those full honey-stomachs and house-moving vocation make them as terrible as a Tunnock’s Teacake, as pugnacious as Christmas Puddings. No, really !

Swarm On Sawn Bough, About The Be Hived.


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