Recipe For An Apiary

Here’s my recipe for making an Apiary:

Setting Off 2
A Bermondsey Street Beekeeper

First take a beekeeper.

And A Location
The Cotswolds Are Glorious In Springtime

Then select a location.

Add These Ingredients
Ingredients For An Apiary

Prepare your ingredients

It Should Start Looking Like This
Halfway Through The Mix

Mix well

And a Pinch Of Bees
A Pinch Of Bees

Then add a pinch of bees

Season Well
Season Well

And sprinkle in some seasoning

Et Voila !
Et Voilà – An Apiary !

Then just leave until August – et voilà

Service !
Service !


Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau  Hives
Hives In Parc Monceau, Paris

Parc Monceau offers an oasis of sanity in the whip-smart 8e arrondissement of Paris. I took a stroll there yesterday to pay a brief visit to the beehives atop one of the park’s phantasmagorical landscape features.

For a breath of fresh air, here is a link to some great photos of Paris’s Bees (The apiary in Parc Monceau is at number 24).

And, with apologies to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s irreverent ditty: “Oh, dear Little Flo“:


Oh, dear parc Monceau

I love you so,

Especially for your apiary.

When the sun arrives

Full on your hives…

Oh Jesus Christ Almighty!