Meet Betty


Betty is our beautiful new honeybee emblem. We commissioned her from one of Britain’s most celebrated illustrators, Chris Wormell – renowned for his wood and linocuts of natural subjects.

We gave Chris a tough brief: we wanted a linocut in the English Folk Art tradition, to underline the artisan nature of our honey. However it also had to be scientifically accurate…. on top of which we muttered something about the image having ‘personality’ …

So, all in all, quite a big ask for quite a small picture. But here she is, just as we wanted. Thank you Chris for responding so brilliantly !

Fans of Southwold-based Adnams Brewery will recognize Chris Wormell’s work from the evocative series of Suffolk scenes it commissioned from him.


Thanks also to our always-inspiring graphic designer Lydia Thornley who has been hard at work on our new identity and website (all will be revealed later this year) and who first recommended Chris to us.


The First Exhibit At @piary

The Bermondsey Street Bees share their patch of SE1 with some pretty elevated company. Their greying cedar hives survey the street from a perch four floors high, a great vantage point, so they don’t miss a trick about the comings and goings on the Street.

In recent years, the proliferation of art venues had caught their attention. Not to be outdone, the bees of Shard Hive have offered their crownboard for your delight and delectation. (Curator’s note : Media : wax on perspex. Runic maze or a devotional QR barcode ?)

At the White Cube Gallery on Bermondsey Street, Gilbert and George have just taken a bow with their in-your-face, factional “Scapegoating” show (You’ve got to admire their brio: “We don’t want to offend. We just want to get away with it”. Brilliant !). And at the Eames Fine Art Gallery, we’ve enjoyed a great sequence of shows, most memorable of which was local hero Norman Ackroyd’s Sea Changes summer display, not to omit Marc Chagall’s The Bible Lithographs, which opens next week.

Stepping up now at White Cube is Tracey Emin, whose exhibition is entitled “The Last Great Adventure is you”, which is etched in orange neon at the entrance. (Why Tracey, George and Gilbert, all of whom live at addresses in Fournier Street E1, think it best to ford the river to exhibit their works in Bermondsey Street SE1 , I can not say). As usual from her Eminence, great draughting, picasso-esque lines, but the greeting-card philosophy is too trite.

The Last Great Adventure Is You
The Last Great Adventure Is You

So how about a new, al fresco, roof-top, female collective atelier on Bermondsey Street ? Cool ! We’ll call it @piary.

“B Is For Bill”

Beekeeper And Four Hives – Bill Woodrow RA

If you’re looking for a break from the mayhem of Christmas shopping in London’s West End, you could do worse than pop into the Royal Academy on Piccadilly.

This article B is for Bill  from the Royal Academy Winter magazine features Bill Woodrow RA as an experimental sculptor and a recent convert to the craft of beekeeping.

There is a small beekeeping element in the video clip embedded in the article. In particular, Bill discusses his 1997 sculpture “Beekeeper and Four Hives” (see image).

The good news is that Bill Woodrow’s Exhibition is open until 16th February 2014 (so it works as a haven from the New Year Sales, too!) in the RA’s new Burlington Gardens venue.