Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

The competition for bubble-wrap becomes intense in our household at this time of year. And it’s not just Sarah’s extraordinarily gregarious Christmas present list which drives the local demand for that commodity.

I have a beekeeping confession to make. It is strange, but true. I wrap my Bermondsey rooftop hives with bubble-wrap in December and January each year. There, I’ve said it.

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10 Reasons We Love Green Roofs

NYC Beehives
NYC Beehives

We crossed the Atlantic to visit Artie Rollins at his New York City Parks Department’s 30,000 square foot rooftop on Randall’s Island.

An unusual assignment. And an unglamorous location. Even the taxi driver we flagged down in Harlem after the M35 bus we were on broke down had no idea where it was. Or did, but didn’t like the idea of going there. But we were on a mission.

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London Honey Show 2015

Bermondsey Street Honey - Properly Urban
Bermondsey Street Honey – Properly Urban

We were sad not to be able to attend last weekend’s London Honey Show, but delighted that Bermondsey Street Honey rang the bell in both honey categories in which it was entered : 3rd Best Rooftop Honey & 3rd Best Public Tasting Honey.

A modest haul, but our Bermondsey Street Bees have a remarkably consistent knack of being recognized in major awards and competitions.

Brava, you bees !

Lambeth Palace Bees


It is rare for me to receive an invitation to a Palace. As a beekeeper, I usually visit my queens uninvited. But I was flattered when John Chapple suggested that I might like to stand in for him at a Parliamentary away day at Lambeth Palace. John is simply the best beekeeper I know. So to be invited to open his hives and inspect them with a group of absolute novices was a feather in my cap. 

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We’re Back – With 2015’s Bermondsey Street Honey Offering

Bermondsey Street Honey Stall

And we’re off to a flying start with our new www.bermondseystreetbees.co.uk website. The Apis bee-blog and much more can be accessed through the site. And we’ve also been busy in the Press: see this profile in ES Lifestyle : Made in London .

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