The Best Honey In London (Almost)

Bermondsey Street Honey
The Best Honey In London (Almost)

The Bermondsey Street Bees have been hitting the high notes again, winning yet another major award.

At the 82nd National Honey Show, held in Weybridge last week, my hardworking rooftop divas landed second prize in the open, blind-tasted Best Honey Within the M25 category.

This is their third award-winning year in a row, following:

2012: Best Rooftop Honey and Best Packaging at the London Honey Show.

2011: Best Honey Within the M25 at the National Honey Show & Best Restaurant Honey at the London Honey Show.

Whisper it quietly: The Bermondsey Street Bees consistently deliver London’s finest honey!

(And speaking of delivering, special thanks to John Chapple and Nikki Vane for transporting our honey to the Show)

Second Best Honey In London 2013
Second Best Honey In London 2013

7 Replies to “The Best Honey In London (Almost)”

    1. Quite right – my breeding stock is still strongly based on the genetics of the Rotherhithe Queens which you and Craig bred – and I believe that all local beekeepers also benefit from the great attention which you and Craig paid to your drone pool just down the road in SE16. So take a bow (or whatever constitutes the same in Belize), you two !

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Thanks for asking! We had a fair honey harvest this year, after a dire first half of 2013 ! The honey will be on sale around mid-November, with subscribers to this blog offered first refusal. We will then take a stall in Bermondsey Square one day for honey sales and local order collections. And there will be some of our “pop-up” Southwark Honey (2013 only!) for sale in Cave at 210 Bermondsey Street before Christmas.

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