The Day The Queen Came To Tea

Still From "The Day The Queen Came To Tea"
Still From “The Day The Queen Came To Tea”

I hope that you will be entertained by “The Day The Queen Came To Tea“, which is 4-minute video which takes a gently ironic look at the British deference to monarchy and love of ceremony, morphed into an actual Queen bee introduction to a new hive.

Premiered at the London Honey Show 2013 on 7th October 2013. And what, I hear you ask, about my day-job ? Well, dear reader, let me confess that I was back at my desk in E1 at 6.50am the next morning…

4 Replies to “The Day The Queen Came To Tea”

  1. Very amusing Dale! Not what I would call ‘bizarre’ at all, unless one doesn’t have a sense of humour. Nice Q, hope she’s done her stuff.

  2. Dale, ‘most bizarre’ was the way the secretary of the London BKA described your talk at the London honey show. It’s quite a contrast to Emily’s post, one wonders if it was the same event!

    1. Hmmm, I hadn’t seen that comment, but I would respectfully suggest that said individual might actually consider attending my talk next time, before offering an opinion on it! Heigh-ho, plenty of informed commentary from the audience – and organisers – can be found on Twitter and FB…

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