Top Ten Plants For Bees

"Putting The Bee In Bermondsey"
“Putting The Bee In Bermondsey”

Apis Top 10 Plants for Bees

Click on this link to a simple “Top Ten” Planting Guide which I prepared for the scintillating Borough Belles WI, when I gave a talk on “Putting The Bee In Bermondsey” on Wednesday 18th February 2015.

It is intended to be a practical, sustainable guide to planting for honeybee forage in London.

But even if you are don’t have this guide to hand when buying plants, here is one “Do” and one “Don’t” to remember:

  • Do buy plants with purple and blue flowers (bees can’t see red!).
  • Don’t buy fussy, overbred cultivars. Bees often can’t feed on them. Just stick to natural plants.
Bee On Borage
Bee On Borage

5 Replies to “Top Ten Plants For Bees”

    1. Thanks for that thought, Emily.

      As you know, I’m in a Forage-intensive mode at the moment (just about to wheelbarrow over to our Leathermarket Gardens site to mulch the beds and seed the wildflower strip). Planting is important. Planting perennials is more important. Replacing London plane trees as they become old and expensive to maintain (dangerous boughs and buckling pavements) with forager-friendly Limes / Chestnuts / Hawthorns and the odd Tree of Heaven is my long-term vision for London’s municipal planners.

      Rant over, wellies on …..

      1. Tree of Heaven – what a sweet name. Another I hadn’t heard of. You will be pleased to hear that me and Tom spent a couple of hours digging over our allotment today, in preparation for planting wild flowers next week 🙂

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