Wannabe Honeybee

Wannabe Honeybee – A Pug May Dream !

With the Bermondsey Street Bees all tucked up for the winter, you will be pleased, no doubt, to hear that I’m getting out more !

And given the recent excitement about Eddie the Pug’s cameo role in “Red Hot Pokers” (click on the link and see the two Comments below the post), I’m temporarily surrendering to those of the canine persuasion by posting this unfathomable exercise in bee/dog cross-dressing from beedogs.com. But that’s it your lot, dog-lovers, we have to draw the line somewhere, or the feline-fanciers will be demanding equal blog access for cats, too, (can you imagine: scratch-posts!) and before we know it, it’ll be raining catti et canes on this blog ! So we’ll be getting back to bee-basics on Apis directly !

But for this one weekend of every year, I forsake the cosy comfort of the Bermondsey Street Bees and camp out in mysterious hinterland of the hound: I’ll be the chief barker in the show-ring for the insanely popular Holly & Lil Dog Show at the Bermondsey Street Festival between 1-3pm on Saturday 21st September in Tanner Street Park. (I used to do the Bermondsey Street Fashion Show, too, but the dogs are much less demanding to work with than the models !)

Thanks to Louisa McCarthy (and Nero – get well soon, you brave black pug!) for getting us into the whimsical Festival vibe with a glimpse of beedogs.com

And finally, please accept my assurance that only the boundaries of good taste were harmed during the making of the beedogs.com website.

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